The plan of attack!

The team of ten intrepid riders depart on their ‘Les des Cinglés du Mont-Ventoux’ challenge Sunday 29 April, here is the provisional timetable:
Sunday 29 April
06:30 Meet & Depart from the Cherry Red Records Stadium heading for St Pancras.
08:30 Eurostar train leaves for Avignon, France.
16:30 Arrive and meet local guide Craig and head for our ‘base camp’ a self-catering Villa in the shadow of Mont Ventoux.
Spend the evening setting up bikes and fueling bodies, ready for early start in the morning.
Monday 30 April – V Day!
06:00  Breakfast and final bike checks.
06:30  20km gentle warm up ride to Bédoin and the base of the 1st Climb.
07:00  Climb 1 – Bédoin Climb
This 1,617-metre climb is over 21.8 km, and with an average gradient of 7.4% it is the most famous and difficult ascent. The climb starts steadily, but after 6km the average gradient rises to 8.9%. This route is exposed to Ventoux’s famous strong, often violent winds. Estimated climb time of 2-3hrs.
Once at the top the team will descend the Malaucène route, with its tight hairpin turns and speeds approaching 75kmph.
11:00 Climb 2 – Malaucène
A 1,570-metre climb over 21.5 km, about equal in difficulty to the Bédoin ascent, but better sheltered against the wind. Estimated climb time of 2-3hrs.
Once at the top team will descend the Sault route.
15:00  Climb 3 – Sault
At 1,256m over 26km and with an average gradient of 4.4%, this is the “easiest” climb. However, the road surface is poor and the final 6km joins the same road as the Bédoin ascent. Estimated climb time of 2hrs 30.
Once at the top team will descend the Bédoin route and return to base camp!
A support car will carry food and drinks provisions allowing each rider to restock and refuel between each climb.

Each rider has to also get a card stamped at various locations on each climb as proof of completion of the challenge.
Tuesday 01 May
Day of recovery and relaxation… or possible alternative day for challenge attempt if the weather is poor on Monday.
Wednesday 02 May
12:00 Depart from Avignon, on Eurostar.
19:30 Arrive back in London – all in one peice and hopefully 10 new members of the Club des Cinglés du Mont-Ventoux!
You can still donate to our fundraising cause via justgiving here


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